Cahokia Mounds

Cahokia Mounds Pinewood Derby 2016 Results


New Year, New Journey to Excellence:
Are your Scouts and leaders doing everything they can to help create and maintain a healthy, well-rounded unit?  Check out the 2016 Journey to Excellence Scorecards here to find out: Try to follow and achieve Journey to Excellence goals all year!


Roundtable, Monthly Scout Leader Training and Idea Sessions:
Are you as a leader, volunteer, and/or parent looking for more ideas and resources for your unit programming?  Join us for our monthly district Roundtable training at the First Christian Church in Edwardsville, 310 S Main.  We meet the first Tuesday of the month from 7-8pm, starting with council and district announcements, reminders, and then into a training sessions which provide ideas and ideals to help ensure your unit is receiving a quality scouting experience. Join us next month! 


Popcorn Winner
Congratulations to Nathan in Edwardsville Troop 1316 for being our Council’s top popcorn seller with $7,010 in sales!!! Wow, amazing job, Nathan! Also congrats to Kyle in Edwardsville Troop 1034 with $3,702.75 in sales (8th place overall) and Ethan in Greenville Troop 1057 with $2,351.35 in sales (25th place overall). Great job guys!!!


Webelos Winter Event/Lumberjack Challenge
Cahokia Mounds District was fortunate to have some spectacular weather for its annual Webelos Winter Event! Scouts engaged in various fun activities like fire-building, archery, and a BB gun range-- all while honing valuable skills and developing teamwork.


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The Cahokia Mounds District covers parts of Bond and Madison counties in Illinois.

District Personnel:
District Chairman: Andrew Reinking
District Commissioner: Ron Bell
Membership Chair: Dave Padgett
Training Chair: Don Wurth
Camping Chair: Vacant
Advancement Chair: Ken Reuter
Activities Chair: Brad Snow
Public Relations Chair: Bob Daiber
Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor: Brad Williams
District Popcorn Kernels: Nicole Scroggins
Service Chair/Scouting for Food Chair: Dan Dugan
Family Friends of Scouting Chair: Mark Clegg

Roundtable, OA Chapter Meeting, Venturing Officer's Association
First Tuesday of each month (except June & July)
7p at the First Christian Church
310 South Main Street, Edwardsville, IL

Commissioner Meetings
Third Tuesday of each month (except June & July)
7:15p at First Christian Church
310 South Main Street, Edwardsville, IL

Eagle Board of Reviews
Second Thursday of each month
7p at Country Financial
105 Southpoint Drive, Edwardsville, IL

District Committee Meetings
Third Tuesday of each month (except June & July)
6:30p at the First Christian Church
310 South Main Street, Edwardsville, IL

For more information on the Cahokia Mounds District, please contact:
Adam Braatz at 618-207-6422 or follow this link to email him
contact Laura Roach at 618-207-6432 or email her here.


Calendar Info

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District Glossary

District Glossary
District Committee
Collection of volunteers recruited from their respective Districts geographical area who are tasked with carrying out the 4 functions of a Scouting District (Membership Growth, Finance, Program, and Unit Service). The District committee is split up into multiple subcommittees who make decisions regarding the functions of the District and is led by the District Key 3.

District Executive
Paid professional position charged with guiding and supporting the District Committee.

District Chair
Lead volunteer for the District Committee and is charged with guiding and supporting the District Committee.

3rd Member of the Key 3 and is responsible to lead the District Commissioners staff. The Commissioner's staff is responsible for the 4th function of the District, Unit Service.

A geographical area encompassing multiple communities within a local Scouting Council.

Monthly gathering of Scouters from throughout the District sharing information and ideas about activities, projects, outings, and other Scout related topics. Each month, discuss the upcoming monthly themese of Scouting, explore through resource lists, invited speakers, group discussions, and hands-on activities. The aim of the Scouting Roundtable is to provide the will and the skill to do. If unit leaders have these two things, they can succeed, and continue to do so. The will to do in the form of morale, inspiration, enthusiasm, and vision is distributed regularly. The skill to do in the form of skills, program ideas, techniques, and information is taught a piece at a time. In sum, a roundtable is fun, practical, inspiring, full of skills, loaded with techniques, and brimming with program ideas.