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Last Wednesday, the Executive Board of the Lewis & Clark Council voted overwhelmingly to recommend for approval, a Plan of Merger with the Greater St. Louis Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. This comes after unanimous approval and recommendation from both the Merger Study Committee and the Executive Committee of the Board.

Thursday the 22nd, the Executive Board of the Greater St. Louis Area Council voted unanimously to recommend the Plan of Merger to their full voting body. Next week, the full Corporate Voting body of both Councils will take up the same issue in a special meeting of the Corporations.

As you know, this has been an ongoing conversation for nearly seven months. Along the way, we have provided updates at District Roundtable Meetings, Summer Camp, through the Council GPS Newsletter and through direct email communication. We held multiple Town Hall meetings regarding this specific topic to share our findings and gather input, and are planning for one additional call with Charter Organization Representatives prior to the vote next week.

If you have not been able to join us at a town hall or have not had a chance to review the support materials we have distributed, we encourage you to visit our website to view the support materials. A video recording of the town hall meeting held this Tuesday has been uploaded (in two parts) to our YouTube Channel.

We are extremely encouraged by the overwhelming support of this important issue from all the volunteers who have been involved and engaged in the discussion and review. It is our firm belief that a merger with the Greater St. Louis Area Council would afford the synergies and efficiency necessary to strengthen our program. Together we will have the resources to provide greater service to volunteers, funding for capital improvements, financial support to make Scouting available to every youth, and the ability to impact more lives through the Scouting program.

We hope your just as excited about the possibilities of a combined council as we are. When we know the final decision of the Corporate Vote, we will communicate that information through our normal newsletters, and Facebook page. In the meantime, if you would like to provide feedback, please share your thoughts by emailing lcc@scouting.org.


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